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Water Damage Restoration

Alberta Restoration Services is a fully certified remediation and restoration company, locally based, and servicing Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding municipalities.  We are experts dealing with any type of water damage. For all types of water damage Alberta Restoration Services provides a full service approach to restoring your home or office to the way it was supposed to be..

Wherever you may be, our water damage experts arrive quickly and get to work fast. We are your local experts when it comes to water damage. With the best tools of the trade and government compliance we are happy to work with you fast and efficiently.

Water damage can happen to any home, whether it is caused by flooding issues, plumbing bursts, or unforeseen sewage problems. At Alberta Restoration Services, we know that Your home is valuable as are your belongings – and therefore make an effort to do the job efficiently and without damage to your property.

Some of the common causes of water damage:

  1. Drain Backup- Sometimes, due to heavy rains, the city drains just don’t keep up with the flow of water that the rain produces. If the drains are full, the only place left for the water to flow is...your basement. This can be unexpected and at times unpreventable.
  2. Burst Pipe – Given the freezing cold temperatures in Alberta, burst pipes are quite common. In many cases burst pipes are covered by home insurance, still not fun. Because pipes are overhead, and water will always travel down, a bursted pipe can affect many areas of the home. It is important to keep the pipes well insulated and to assure that the heat is left on in cold temperatures.
  3. Foundation Cracks & Issues – Older homes with all their beauty can have a downfall. The foundation and structure eventually can begin to deteriorate, which can lead to water damage. If foundations are well maintained, then there should be no issue, but it only takes one small crack for water to start leaking into the house.

When the unforeseen happens, and water damage ensues, it’s time for a trusted and reputable restoration company. Alberta Restoration Services specializes in water damage, with certified technicians who work smart and safe, and whose aim is to provide customer satisfaction during trying times. Turnaround times are fast, pricing is competitive, and good outcomes are assured. Water damage (residential or commercial) is serious work, and therefore best left to the professionals.

Contact Alberta Restoration Services for a free water damage restoration quote.

Looking For Local And Affordable Asbestos or Mold Removal?

It takes less than 24 hours to establish a new mold colony, so immediate action is crucial.

What Our Customers Say:

Restoring your peace of mind what an understatement. I was so scared after having the home inspection and after calling other contractors. You educate us and fixed the issue and we didn’t even have to move. Your crew is fantastic and did a great job, you really have nice people...

Lisa Wilson

Thank you again for your help on the mold removal, your crew were so helpful to us and did a fantastic job. We forwarded all the information to the real estate agent and were able to sell the house. I will definitely recommend you and your services.

Michael Fowler

Very professional company, me and my wife are really impressed with the efficiency, Gabriel the supervisor was very knowledgable and was there to answer all of our questions. We would definitely recommend this company

Ronald McCain

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